Women Offer Business Advice

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Back to our roots of helping women in business, we believe there isn’t enough available to women. There is a gap between how many men get into business for themselves and women as well as advice for women vs. men. Just came across this great post from NRToday.com and an article written by Emily Hoard where she did an interview with 2 sisters that offer some advice for women getting into business for themselves –

COURTESY OF DEBBIE CATERSON | Photographer: David B. Loveall

As women own 36 percent of all U.S. firms, women business owners from Douglas County offer their stories and advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Merrilyn Jovin owns Roseburg-based Tropiceel Products, selling chemical-free wellness and pain-relief creams in 42 states in the U.S. and across the world. Jovin sold her first jar of cream at the Douglas County Fair seven years ago.

Her husband Pat’s extreme liver and immune system issues inspired Jovin to research topical alternatives to ingestible medicines, leading to the production of the creams that use herbal and nutritionally-based topicals.

Jovin is certified with the National Association of Women Business Owners.

“Women in business need to be progressive and proactive about being supportive and networking with each other,” Jovin said. “It’s important to realize that if somebody has been there before you, they might be able to help you over a hump.”

Jovin said her business is a family effort, as she gets help from Pat, her two sons and her nephew. Before Tropiceel, Jovin owned an auction company and was a national trainer for cosmetic companies with Empro Software, which encouraged women to get involved in business.

Jovin said women entrepreneurs should surround themselves with supportive “yes people” and read books about success stories.

“Read books by women who have done it,” Jovin said. “There are so many women out there, and it gives you encouragement and strengthens your spirit and heart so you know you’re not alone in your journey.”

Tammy Eichmann, owner of Countryside Veterinary Service in Canyonville, started her business out of her Days Creek home in 2004.

Read the entire article here  – http://www.nrtoday.com/news/19863929-113/women-in-business-offer-advice

Women that have great ideas need to go ahead and jump out and take the leap and get into business for themselves. At least find someone that you can talk to about your business idea, don’t just put it on the back burner and say you will get to it someday. Try and find a woman entrepreneur that you can get advice from and start doing – TODAY!



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